YES ON B: Require Voter Approval of Rent Control

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Last year, Culver City Council passed an Interim Rent Control Ordinance, despite never running on the issue. They are transitioning it into a permanent rent control board with little to no resident input.

Rent control is a contentious issue, with strong opinions on both sides. We want to debate and approve this as a city before it becomes a lasting bureaucracy.

Nobody was consulted on this rent control, which is is potentially disastrous:

  • It is punitive towards multifamily “mom and pops” and will cause them to drop out of the market.
  • Will result in our most affordable units being demolished and sold to developers. New construction rents for 2-3x as much.
  • Will apply to auxiliary dwelling units (ADUs). Homeowners will be stuck with bad tenants.

We already have statewide rent control

California already passed strict statewide rent control and tenant eviction protections. We have additional emergency COVID protections. Measure B wouldn’t affect any of these. It only affects the additional local rent control board our City Council enacts for Culver City.

Why can’t we vote on local rent control?

Council could have put their rent control on the ballot. They chose not to.
Santa Monica and other cities voted on their rent control. The precedent is there. Why aren’t we following it?

Do you know anything about Council’s rent control board? Do you know what the consequences will be for our housing supply, our neighborhoods, or our budget? If you don’t, and would like to know, and would like a say in it – vote YES on Measure B.

Common myths about Measure B

Myth: This takes away flexibility from council to enact what they need .
Fact: Council can easily craft a ballot measure that gives them all the flexibility they need to change it how they want – just like they added a “change any part we want” in Measure RE.

Myth: We can’t afford to take away tenant protections during a pandemic.
Fact: Measure B does NOT affect tenant protections. This is a distinct legal difference. Council voted in tenant protections and rent control as two separate packages.
We still have statewide rent control as well as emergency Covid protections to keep people from being evicted for non-payment of rent. Measure B leaves intact all these statewide measures. Measure B leaves intact any citywide tenant protections, and only affects the city’s rent control board.

A handy table of what Measure B affects – and does not affect.

Myth: Council passed rent control to combate “a wave of evicitons and price gouging”
Fact: These claims have no merit, and are contradicted by city staff, consultants, and the records of the Landlord Tenant Mediation Board. Mayor Garcetti himself said we’re experiencing a record 20% vacancy rate because of Covid – the opposite of an eviction surge.

Myth: Measure B is confusing.
Fact: Measure B is about letting us vote on whether we want the city’s additional rent control administration. That’s it.
We asked City Council repeatedly to put their rent control board on the ballot. If it wins, they keep it whether our measure passes or not. They ignored us.
A future city council could easily put this rent control board on the ballot in a special election, in a matter of weeks.

You can read the full text of the petition as well as the city attorney’s title and summary below. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Our city attorney’s official draft of our initiative

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