About us

Protect Culver City is an association of Culver City residents and business owners who are concerned with the current direction of our city council. Our beginnings can be traced back to the night of June 24/25th, 2019, after council decided 4-1 to phase in rent control in Culver City.

It’s the manner in which they decided that should concern everyone. None of the Council members ran for office on this agenda. Unfortunately, this lack of responsiveness and transparency is something we’ve grown to expect from this council.  This is why we realized early on, rent control could not be our only or even our primary issue. Not if we are to protect our city and keep everything we loved about Culver City when we moved in.

Over the past year we have gotten involved in the following issues:

  • The spike in vagrancy and associated crimes in our city
  • Protecting the good name of our police department and keeping them properly funded
  • Ensuring a proper debate on rent control – which nobody ran on
  • Reckless upzoning plans, converting parks to residential spaces
  • Budget issues, reckless spending, coupled with “emergency” tax hikes
  • Council’s overall lack of transparency and honesty with residents

While we fight and inform on these issues, our council is entertaining radical demands to defund or even abolish our police department.  Indeed, as with the city of Los Angeles, council is pretending the vagrancy epidemic is some “homegrown humanitarian crisis” caused by rising rents kicking out local residents.  This is patently false, but that doesn’t stop them. As Councilman Daniel Lee said at the conclusion of the June Rent Control meeting, “rent control… is only the beginning”

What else is on their agenda? What else should we fear?

We must stop simply reacting to what council does and start anticipating and preparing ourselves for what they in fact will do. We want to provide critical information about council’s plans, and forewarn our neighbors of issues coming down the pipe. We want to inform people on homelessness, police, vagrancy, rents, the overall makeup of our city, our financial situation, and so on. We want to represent the forgotten resident, the moderate resident who feels spurned by council. We’d like to see a more responsive city council, We are here to hold their feet to the fire, hold them accountable, and even replace them if necessary.

For these reasons and more, we have founded Protect Culver City: a political action committee registered with the secretary of state (FPPC #1419783) and the City of Culver City.