Election recommendations

Our major focus on this election is Measure B to require voter approval for rent control. Council passed rent control last year and made it permanent last month. Nobody ran on the issue, nobody was consulted on it, and that should concern everyone. That’s why we want to put it up to a vote in the city.

It’s also why we realized rent control is not the only or even the main issue we would tackle as a PAC.

Culver City is looking at some major policy decisions in the coming months, decisions that will affect us for years, if not decades to come: whether we have a police force, our zoning laws, rent control, how we deal with transient camps in our city, and how we deal with our City Council. Most are still unaware of these monumental changes about to hit our city.

Residents will need to make a stand. A very loud radical minority is behind these changes, and they smear and attack anyone who stands in their way. We highly recommend people contact candidate campaigns, express support for our police department and our issues, and ask about their commitment to these.

This page is not endorsed or supported by any candidate or candidate committee. Nor is it an endorsement of any candidate. While purely our own honest assessment, we are not endorsing any candidates. The following is what we do know, and we’d like to share it. Please stay tuned to this page to find out the latest.

Re-elect Mayor Goran Eriksson – Erikssonforcouncil.com
Tried and tested, he’s been the only councilman to defend the name of our Police on the dais.

Albert Vera Jr. – Veraforcouncil.com
Lifetime resident and owner of Sorrento’s.  We encourage people to contact his campaign and express their support for CCPD.

Heather Wollin – Heatherforculvercitycouncil.com
A newcomer to municipal elections, but is running on supporting CCPD.

Eriksson, Vera, and Wollin all come endorsed by the Culver City Police Officer’s Association

Robert Zirgulis – robertzirgulisforculvercitycouncil.com
Thought of as eccentric and a spoiler.  A one-man band, He’s walked all over the city with his flyers defending our police. 

Khin Khin Gyi – Not endosed by Sahli-Wells, and claims to oppose defunding. but volunteered for Daniel Lee’s campaign in 2018. Councilman Lee is a staunch advocate of abolishing CCPD, and voted to have their budget slashed by 20% at the June 22nd meeting.

Anthony Rizzo for Council
Anthony has suspended his campaign and is now campaigning for Eriksson, Vera and Wollin.

The following candidates also associate with Culver City Action Network and their push to defund Culver City Police by 50% or more in October. Menthe, Puza and McMorrin are endorsed by Meghan Sahli-Wells, who spearheads the Defund movement, calling herself a “police abolitionist” on the dais. If any of these candidates are elected they will abolish our police department.

Darrel Menthe – is a smooth talker, but ultimately associates with CCAN and all their demands. While others directly talk about gutting CCPD budget by 50%, he speaks of “reimagining public safety.” This leaves his position deliberately vague but is still the code defunding advocates routinely use.
He vice chairs the Finance Advisory Committee, and endorsed the Real Property Transfer Tax ballot measure on July 30. Which says more about his cooperation with council’s fly by night last minute legislative style than any financial sense. We expect him to work in tandem with Fisch if elected.

Yasmine Imani-McMorrin – has called for defunding the police by 50% on her website. Fully on board with CCAN demands. Unlike Menthe, she’s direct about it.

Freddy Puza – much like McMorrin, an avid supporter of defunding the police and all CCAN demands. Has echoed McMorrin’s demand to defund CCPD by 50% at candidate forums.

Kelly Kent (school board) – Also a major CCAN supporter – if not organizer. Kelly Kent has been instrumental in weaponizing the city’s children for political causes. A couple residents threatened to sue her for using school resources for a Women’s March before she backed down. She supports removing police officers from our schools, and letting children vote in city elections and serving on city boards and commissions.

Our position on Ballot Measures

Support: Measure B – Require Voter Approval for Rent Control
This is our own initiative. All we wanted was for council to put their rent control administration on the ballot, rather than pass it by fiat. Other cities like Santa Monica and West Hollywood did their rent control through popular votes. Burbank is putting its own tenant protections on the ballot. Council ignored our pleas to put this on the ballot, preferring to say this measure is anti-rent control.
Our simple position is: if the people vote for it, we can accept that. We can’t live with a council passing it without discussion. Check it out at protectculvercity.org/rent.

Oppose: Measure RE – Real Property Transfer Tax
This was done far too hastily to be considered. We’re concerned with a particular loophole that allows council to amend this any way they want without voter approval. Council will be selling this as a millionaire mansion tax. But it’s entirely likely the bar will be lowered to include virtually everyone. We’ve asked the city attorney about the issue and so far have not received a response. It doesn’t mean we’re right, but this is what happens when bills are not methodically debated.