Yes on B supporters

The YES on B campaign is a homespun reaction of longstanding residents who wish to have a better say on issues that affect us. One of those is rent control.

The following Culver City residents and stakeholders declare our public support for Measure B.

Mayor and council candidate Goran Eriksson

Council candidate Albert Vera

Heather Wollin – city council candidate. She and husband Rod are lifelong residents.

Robert Zirgulis – city council candidate, 36 year resident

Jeff and Rafia Cooper – Jeff was Mayor 2017-2018, resident and homeowner 35 years. Rafia is a 44 year resident, #CCKind

Richard Marcus – former Mayor, 32 year resident, founder Sunkist Park neighborhood watch

Ed Wolkowitz – two-time Mayor, councilman 1994-2002

Steven Gourley – former Mayor, former President of the School Board

Culver City Chamber of Commerce

Judy Scott – Landlord Tenant Mediation Board

Keith Jones – Finance Advisory Committee

Al Casillas – 30 year resident – 28 years CCPD ret. 2016

Paul Ehrlich – 52 year resident and community activist

Gary and Mary Irwin – 34 year residents. Gary is retired CCPD 32 years.

Scott Garland – lifelong resident, former Parks commissioner

Jay Garacochea – homeowner 22 years, CCPD 1993-2012

Mark Salkin – 37 year resident, founder Culver Crest Neighborhood Association

Kelli Estes – 38 year resident, 34 year duplex owner

Mike Winn – K-12 CCUSD graduate, resident for 30 years

Anthony Rizzo – resident homeowner since 2003 , Sunkist Park neighborhood watch

Antonia Garland – 31 year resident

David Hoyt – 28 year resident

Rosi and Max Gabl – residents since 2017

Sally Haft – triplex owner since 2005, resident since 2012

John & Nina Mueller, Residents since 1994

Brady Graham – resident since 1973

Frances Lafferman – resident since 1959

Max and Amy Ellzey – residents and homeowners since 1996

Michael McCarrell – CC Business Owner and Home Owner since 1995

Gordon Louis Alatorre – 25 year resident and business owner

Marta Valdez – 44 year resident, business owner 32 years

Camille and Robert Greenspan – 30+ year residents

Pam Magnuson – 24 year resident

Rhonda Lilly – lifetime resident and triplex owner

Stephen Davis – Founder Globe/Sawtelle/Tuller (Venice/405) neighborhood watch

Bret and Jeri Osterberg – 26 year homeowners

Brady Graham – 47 year resident

Joan Moon – long time resident and duplex owner

Laura Stuart – 27 year resident and homeowner

Adham Refaat – 24 year resident, ADU owner

Dennis Page – 52 year stakeholder, fourplex owner

Eileen and Gary Brown – 34 year residents

Zach and Cheryl Bevington – owner occupiers. Jack is a 38 year resident, Cheryl is a lifetime resident.

David Crotwell – resident for 28 years, duplex owner for 24 years . Wife Ellen Tiep is a resident for 59 years, duplex owner for 24 years

The Lowitz family – homeowners for over 50 years

Anita Hedlund – homeowner 35 years

Dr. Jerome and Nancy Glaser – owner occupiers since 2015

Bill and Damaris Weisberg – residents 8 years

Cary Anderson – 32-year homeowner, 29 year duplex owner
Tina Anderson – 56 year resident, 29 year duplex owner

Mark Minichiello – 14 year resident and small business owner