Owner testimonials

Measure B was never about debating the merits of rent control itself. Rather, it is a reaction to how this council implemented rent control. They never ran on it, they consulted nobody, and they ignored everyone’s pleas and complaints. They paid plenty of lip service to “mom and pops” which amounted to nothing. Several “mom and pops” agreed to speak out on the issue, and the risk to Culver City’s most affordable multifamily units, should council’s current rent control plans go unchecked.

We asked for just some consideration. Let’s compromise, let’s do means testing, let’s just help the people who need it, let’s do two tiers… My tenants are in a better situation than I am, and that’s not uncommon.

– Judy Scott
Judy Scott explains her involvement in Council and how they shut out owners in their rent control push.

The city can make more money if this place gets knocked down. The problem is, what happens with the tenants living here? They can’t afford the new rents, I guarantee it.

– Zach Bevington

Zach and Cheryl Bevington on how current rent control is punitive on the most affordable units.

I will no longer be able to keep up with the maintenance and repairs… The only prospective buyers have shown up with an offer in one hand and a bulldozer behind them to level the property.

– Annette Tossounian