Harry Culver’s Dream City Reduced to Skid Row By Local Politicians

When Harry Culver designed his dream city, he probably never foresaw that local politicians and activists would turn the once clean city that bears his name into a filth-ridden tent encampment that the Los Angeles Times has dubbed the West Side Skid Row.

Residents report—and both Culver City and Los Angeles Police Department officers agree—that Culver City’s skid row is home to drug dealers, who openly deal drugs in the neighboring residential streets, drug users who shoot dope in the open, oblivious to the hapless residents and children trying to enjoy a quiet Sunday in front of their houses, and prostitutes.

6 Replies to “Harry Culver’s Dream City Reduced to Skid Row By Local Politicians”

  1. I grew up in Culver City, on Clarmon Place, when MGM was across Overland from me. What a truly wonderful place to grow up. It’s unfortunate that the city has a homeless problem and I hope the city will do something about it.

  2. One can only hope, Karen. Although, this isn’t a homelessness issue, it’s a vagrancy issue. The truly homeless have shelters to go to, and they’re more than willing to accept that kind of help.

    What we see here are drug dealers and substance abusers, who are quite happy to be on the streets.

  3. This is disgusting, but many residence in Culver City keep voting in the same lliberal thinking politicians. I see Culver City, as a sister city (related by vagrancy issues), to San Francisco.

  4. There’s definitely an element of that. But also a number of people don’t vote–and we need to get them energized.

    This may not necessarily be the case in Culver City, but certainly in places like Oakland and San Francisco, it seems as though the uber-liberal, ultra-wealthy rich are financing a certain type of politician–the type we see on our city council, the type who see it as their mission to protect criminals while harassing taxpayers.

    Tucker Carlson’s talked about the way people like Chesa Boudin have been elected with the help of wealthy Silicon Valley individuals.

    Prop 47, for instance, was bought and paid for by George Soros, Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, and former Facebook President, Sean Parker.


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