Our opposition to minors on commissions

The following was submitted by Jennifer Alvarez regarding council's agenda item to allow minors and non-registered voters on commissions and boards:

Culver City Council Members,
We are writing in opposition to the agenda item A-2. This will expose our young impressionable children to one sided political pressure. Children should not be involved in politics. This ordinance is not child led, its adult led in an effort to gain an extra voice to advance the LEFT's political agenda in our city.  Children should not be sitting on Culver City Commissions or Committees making policy for the public.  CCUSD should not be working with City Council in an effort to push our children into political issues.  
CCUSD already struggles with its own politically one sided leadership that uses our children to help promote left leaning political groups and ideas inside our schools.  
Kelly Kent, CCUSD former Board President, abused her power by using the CCUSD logo without permission from the district office to advertise and push a political Women's March event at Robert Frost Auditorium on April 20, 2019. 
Through the California Public Records Act we were able to uncover the truth surrounding the planning of this highly political event.  We exposed the overreach and blatant disregard from the district office that the use of the logo for this event was NOT APPROPRIATE. Kelly Kent obtained the logo by other means and used it anyway. Please see the link below for video of my public statement and Kelly Kent's public apology for misusing the CCUSD logo at the September 24, 2019 school board meeting  (forward to 3:33).

Even after her public apology, Kelly Kent used social media to spread fake news and misrepresent my public statement.  Soon after Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells retweeted the fake news post.  
This is how these elected officials running our City and schools handle opposing views. By bullying opposers.  I'm afraid to think of how they will treat our children who are sitting on Commissions and Commiittees who don't agree with them.  
Stop using our children to advance your ONE sided politics in our community and our schools.  
- Jennifer and Danny Alvarez 

Kelly Kent rebuts Alvarez ... and later deletes this tweet.
Mayor Meghan retweets with her own commentary

3 Replies to “Our opposition to minors on commissions”

  1. City government is a serious issue. We do not need high school politics running our commission. What is going in in Culver City?

  2. Here here !!!!!
    Well done Alvarez family
    I might add the “women’s march” was also run by Anti Semitic leaders -if there is even a hint of impropriety it should not be involved with the schools
    I brought this to the attention of CCUSD -and said it has no place in a school or district that tries to represent and respect all its student and I was shot down.
    We’ve had treacherous dealings where they have tried to take credit away from students who worked and earned Spanish and biology credits toward their GPA as well as graduation. All this under the auspices of Kelly Kent’s leadership. Their personal agendas and politics should NOT come near our students
    Theses 2 women mentioned above are high on dictatorship and personal agendas not democracy
    They are very socialist in their final agendas and this has no place yet again on impressionable children whose brains are not fully developed
    You’d think Kelly Kent would know this Re all her so called degrees

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