Introducing the 405 project

It started with a contentious LA Times article about Los Angeles officials accusing Culver City of dumping their homeless into Los Angeles. Now the 405 underpasses in Culver City are filling up with vagrants setting up permanent residence.

Council claims that there is no change in policy, but the unwritten policy is obvious – our streets and parks are open for anyone who would call them home. The effects are immediate and obvious. Local residents and businesses are furious and desperate. Add recent laws like Prop 47, and many crimes now also go unresolved. It seems we have no meaningful way to stop this.

We have decided to step in and figure out what we can do. We held a meeting with city officials at CCPD HQ. We also went to the homelessness committee meeting last month. We learned that if someone decides to set up residence on our streets and in our parks, the city will do nothing to stop them. But if they break any of our ordinances, we have every right to call it in.

That’s what we’re doing. This page will serve as a repository for all our experience with those who would treat our streets as a permanent residence, and how they terrorize local residents and businesses. We will follow up with our police and with our council. Our ultimate aim is to make our streets safe and parks safe again. Our ultimate sympathy is with besieged residents, who feel helpless to stop this.

This project will focus on the 405 underpasses and surrounding areas, like Tellefson Park and Veteran’s Park. Because that’s the canary in the coal mine. If we let these areas be overrun with transients, it’s only a matter of time before our entire community is overrun.

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  1. Affected by this for I am living on the front lines taking matters of protecting my self and fellow neighbors of this madder of Vagrancy from the following Public defecation and display of drug use Lewd conduct and violence from three shootings drug overdoses and Knife fight over drug disputes.
    This city Council this mayor has let us down for protecting the citizens of this community as they are sworn to do but they protect their own interest And the streets surrounding areas where they live It’s time to remember what they’ve done and vote them out of office.

  2. To put it another way: the hobos who malinger around Culver City are a mishmash of hardened dangerous psychopaths, mostly substance abusers, factually insane, opportunistic petty criminals, those who simply choose free camping out over paying any rent, and so forth. We have yet to actually see any who are there due to a rent increase. [or an accounting of the money they would now no longer pay out as utilities, taxes or any rent, etc] Vagrancy has been with every civilization forever ,but only now actively encouraged by self serving political demigods and an industry of so called ” not-for-profit” profiteers, and some gullible “virtue signalers”.

  3. An opportunistic criminal broke into our empty rental in CC and had been enjoying the electricity, hot water, and new appliances for several days until I went to show it to some renters. The police came, removed him, and I cleaned up the damage and mess. He returned again, but was stopped by CCPD who had been driving around said property. The vagrant was receiving welfare, and had enough to eat well, dress decently, and have nice possessions. I am hoping he found somewhere to stay, but am grateful to CCPD for their help in keeping him out of our private property!

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